Facebook Getting all Set for the First IPO On May 17

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Facebook is settings and getting ready for the Initial Public Offering expected to be out on May 17, 2012. As per a report by Tech Crunch SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) will decide and agree on it only after making sure all the paper work are in order including the recent acquisition of Instagram.

The normal procedure for filing IPO documents and getting it reviewed by SEC may take three to four months.

This IPO is expected to be the largest of its kind where Facebook will be valued at $40 a share or $100 Billion in total. 

Also Many factors are considered as they may prove problematic and raise hurdles into the way first being the collapse of European Economy, second being oil crisis or the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. 

Lets hope for the best. What do you think, will Facebook be able to go public this may. Leave comments and suggest ideas of your own.

Source [Tech Crunch]
Image via [Washington Post]

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