How To : Find who all are using your Wi-Fi Network

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Safeguarding your wireless network is the most important thing one has to keep in mind after installing the device or instrument. If someone is using your Wi-Fi, it means he/she might be in access of your files or may be using your internet connection for accessing the web. We often complain the excessive amount of broadband bills every month irrespective of the normal usage made by you. Unlimited Plans may only observe a downfall in the speed but limited plans will not only observe the same downfall but will also may get a huge broadband bill by the end of the month. To avoid such circumstances, you should either safeguard your Wireless Network using a password with recommended settings. When you use a password its difficult for people to gain access without the passkey but you never know what can go wrong when the technology is advancing as well as the loop holes to bypass those. 

Here a small utility may be of a very good use to you "Wireless Network Watcher". This utility will scans your wireless network deeply  and will list all the computers and devices connected to your network along with their IP Address, MAC Address, Manufacturer's name for the network card and the device or the computer name provided.

The picture below shows the number of devices connected on my Wireless Network

This utility will be very advantageous for non geeks and will help them to know the basic usage and people on your wireless network.

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