Dangerously Delicious released by Aziz Ansari for $5

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Aziz Ansari the famous name well known for his comedy in Parks and Recreation is all set to launch his own standup comedy 1 Hour special "Dangerously Delicious" for mere $5. 

The FAQ section of  his personal tumblr website says "I did a standup tour called Dangerously Delicious. Then I filmed it at the Warner Theatre in DC in June of 2011. I paid for the production myself and wanted to release it online. While I was trying to figure out the proper method of release, my friend and hilarious comedian Louis CK did his whole thing and it seemed to me that people really liked that model, so that was the route I decided to go".

This 29 years old mentioned it the smarter way to deliver a content like that. The actor took this as a best medium to reach his fans bypassing cables and releasing his comedy venture directly on his website. This special standup comedy will cost you mere dollar five where you can either download or stream the entire video after paying the amount without ads and restrictions. Awesome isn't it.

"It seems like this is the thing to do at this moment when so much is changing and nobody's really figured out how to do anything," Ansari said, adding that he was inspired by the popularity of his comedy clips on YouTube. "In this era, the way people consume media, the way people release media has not caught up."

Hope this turns extremely good for Ansari and his en-devours. 

Image Courtesy : azizansari


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