Xandros Desktop : The new home edition of Linux variant

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The new Desktop Home Edition of Linux is a wholesome operating system that includes a wide range of applications designed to communicate, work and play. Based on the Debian Linux platform, the all new Xandros Desktop delivers a different and unique lifestyle when compared to the other conventional products. Enjoy a complete and rich experience with Linux because the Home Edition Xandros is fun-filled and extremely easy to use. The installation is simple and easy, and does not involve complicated or technical know-how for the process.

The limelight feature of the new variant is that users can continue using their favorite Windows programs such as MS Word and Intuit Quicken, and thus experience a seamless transition from Windows to Linux. Also, organize your favorite music, podcasts, and your books in the ‘Music Manager’ file. The new Linux variant also enables you to sync other applications such as iPod and mp3 players with ease. Besides music and the other applications, check out the latest deals on the photo management software. Exploit the system by organizing your favorite photographs into albums and slide shows and get them printed wherever you are.

Also, check out the various messengers and the security suite that is integrated into the new home edition to transform your PC into a complete utility-rich application in an instant. What is more new is the Xandros Security Suite that includes the Xandros Firewall, Xandros Networks Updates, Anti-Virus and the spyware checker for the rootkits. This comprehensive interface delivers a high level of security and prompts you of the vulnerability levels to implement effective action with ease. With respect to the NTFS partitioning, the earlier version of Xandros featured only a read access from a Windows partition; however, the new version delivers both the ‘read and write access’ from the NTFS partitioning system. The Versora Progression system ensures that you can import bookmarks, calendar updates and other important settings from Windows as well.

The core technology of the new home edition of Linux variant features an upgraded version of the Linux kernel and a Windows system of 9.0. Besides that, it also features a KDE 3.4.2, which is Xandros enhanced and comes with a bootable RAM. To install the new home edition of Xandros, one would require a PC with a Celeron or Pentium processor, or an AMD K6 processor with 450 MHz of speed. The application also consists of a CD ROM that explains all the components that come bundled with the application.

Once installed, the application does not require a mandatory subscription online. Also, it is worthy to note that the new home edition of Linux variant can be installed in multiple computers for personal usage. However, if it is for a commercial purpose, it can be installed in one extra computer. Nevertheless, when you install the new Xandros Linux variant, ensure that you read through the licensing agreements prior to the installation process. Discover the benefits of the new home edition of Linux and bring security and stability to your desktop.

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