Road Warriors Rejoice:AOC Introduces Extra Monitor To Notebook Via USB Connection

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Laptops are meant to ensure portability while the users retain the advantage of computing on the move. Notebooks have become indispensable not just for professionals but even for people in other walks of life. The portability factor, though, can sometimes come in the way of having a large screen to browse while working with multiple documents. For years people have had to make do with a single screen that becomes hugely crowded with numerous documents that one needs to refer, all at the same time. Sometimes, you may need to make a presentation while traveling and you may not have the advantage of having a projector. One organization has taken upon itself to attend to this problem and bring joy to millions of laptop users who would like a great display without having to carry a bulky laptop. One does not want a laptop with a huge screen. This adds up on the weight front too. AOC, the world’s largest manufacturer of computer monitors is bringing this second screen to laptop users in the form of a USB monitor. The optional and use as per need nature of this product is its USP.

The AOC USB monitor comes with a 16 inch display. The large size of the screen is no indicator of its weight. It weighs just 4.2 pounds for the convenience that it brings to you. Moreover, it does not need a power cord! The USB cable attaches it to your laptop. This serves as a means both for power and the signal. Now, that’s a great means of streamlining its working and reducing the bulk. The specifications of the monitor are no less encouraging. If anything they’ll only make you order one right away.

The 1366×768 pixel resolution offers clarity and good picture quality. The mercury free LED back-lit display makes it a delight. The contrast ratio stands at 50,000,000 with a response time of 5 ms. The e1649fwu model lacks HDCP compatibility. This limits the kind of content you can view. It is quite robust for use on the move. Hardened glass screen is sturdy enough to ward off damage in the form of scratches. Compatibility with both laptops and desktops widens the expanse of its usage but it is the laptop users that form the target segment for this monitor. It is ideal for presentations and other kinds of work that become easier to handle with two screens.

The internal specification is excellent but the exteriors do not disappoint either. Even that aspect deserves a mention. The USB monitor comes with a black plastic chassis. The glossy bezel lends an overall aesthetic appeal to the screen. For all its features, it carries a price tag of $139.

The AOC USB monitor has all the trappings of a successful product. Professionals willing to shell out some money for the convenience of an extra, portable and easy to handle screen will surely consider the latest offering from AOC. It is then for the product to capture the client base on the merit of its features.

Author : Alia Haley
The Geek Solutions Featured Writer
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