New Google Related Toolbar Provides Recommendations in Your Browser

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Google Related is a Chrome extension developed by Google to work only in Google Chrome web browser. Once you have installed the extension, it stays in the background and tracks all the websites that you visit. It has the ability to access all your data on all your websites and your tabs and browsing activity. Whenever you visit a website, the Google Related Chrome extension pulls up the data from the internet which might be interesting to you. The data shown is usually images, videos, news items, web results, accessories, similar items, related places, maps, reviews etc. All this information is shown in a tiny bar that pops up in the bottom of the page that you are viewing. Google Related extension is under the social and communication category which means it is in some way related to the new social networking site launched by Google called Google Plus. Google has put in a tiny Google Plus button in the results that it shows to you via the Google Related extension, you can click on the Plus 1 button and share the result you found interesting with your friends and family.

Google Related works only on websites which have content in English and considering majority of people visit websites containing English content it is not much of a problem but it is still a drawback and Google is working to bring Google Related to websites with content in other language. You would not be seeing Google Related toolbar on all the websites that you visit. The toolbar shows up only when it finds interesting content to show on the webpage that you are on.

When you are looking up a restaurant, Google Related will show you the map of the place, restaurants that are related to the one you are looking, and reviews and ratings people have given to that place. If are looking for a sneaker, Google Related lets you compare prices, look up similar sneakers and buy accessories for the sneaker. If you are reading a news item, it shows you related new items, videos of the news you are reading and images related to the news item. Videos can be played right in the toolbar pop up and shared then and there.

Google Related currently does all the searches for relevant content from domain, or does not work, though Google is working on that too. The Google Related extension is quite similar to the GetGlue extension which also shows you related content, videos, ratings along with the comments of all the GetGlue users.

Enabling and disabling the Google Related extension is quite simple – click on the Google Related options menu in the right side of the bar and select Disable. To enable go to Google Chrome options and select Use Google Related checkbox in the privacy tab and click on save. If you don’t like to see the Google Related toolbar on the page you are just click on the x in the toolbar. For a more permanent solution go to options and select Hide for this page or Hide for entire site.

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