Microsoft: Xbox live coming to Windows 8

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There have been opinions and discussions for the soon to arrive Xbox Live service from Microsoft. It is supposed to give a fresh appeal to the gaming and entertainment world. The Xbox Live shall come with the Windows 8 version. This service is supposed to alleviate your entertainment level. Your favorites shall be available at your fingertips, giving unmatched enjoyment and flexibility.
PC gaming has been sided in the recent past owing to the emerging gaming consoles. The integration of Xbox live into PC would supposedly give a new meaning to the gaming world.

Benefits Looked Upon
Apparently, it would be easy for developers to create games for Windows 8 due to the advantage of Xbox live. The professional interface can suit user’s profile and desire. An interesting feature is the probability of a “roaming storage.” This refers to Microsoft’s cloud-based storage option for saved games providing better suitability and ease to the user. Many other services can be out witted with this new technology. It is supposed that the Xbox live may even surpass Valve, which is a leading entertainment software and technology company. Valve’s Steam, the premier online gaming platform, is one of the leading-edge technologies to acquire the market
Xbox Live is supposed to take entertainment to a different level altogether. The user will have seamless options to choose from. Be it sports or your favorite radio station, it can supposedly work well with diverse applications. With the incorporation of Xbox Live, the Xbox gaming comes to the PC. Although there seems uncertainty about its launch in the market, the Xbox live is supposed to come soon with Windows 8 as revealed by Mike Delman, vice president of global marketing at Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business. Microsoft is working with its developers to code games that use Xbox Live on Windows 8.
Xbox Live has a wide gamut. It enables buying (or renting) the best in movies, enjoying unlimited HD streaming to your favorite TV shows and many other s. You can also chase your favorite teams with ESPN. In the world of entertainment, Xbox LIVE can deliver in superiority compared to many others. Xbox Live will seemingly expand its focus from being game-centric to general media. 

Things to Ponder
However, there may be some concerns. It seems that user experience prioritizes over technology for the company. As previous trends reveal, Microsoft has been bending technology to suit users. The incorporation of Xbox live can be a shift from the usual trend. In addition, this is supposedly challenging! Secondly, the focus on “social” may not be primary for Microsoft. Considering the touch interface, the Xbox live Metro Application for Windows 8 may be the apt choice. There may be plenty of reasons to use this service, besides gaming. The capacity to easily navigate through multiple devices in an environment is on focus while incorporating Xbox Live to Windows 8.

Conclusion on the story
Microsoft has already incorporated Xbox Live to Windows Phone 7. This integration for windows 8 can be supposedly a similar one. The gamers can expect an elevated gaming experience shortly. With Microsoft’s re-confirmation about the functionality into the PC, it can be expected to have impressive entertaining experiences in the time to come. It would be wise to wait and use the service before judging its utility.

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