Basic Features of Windows Operating System

Well, i believe majority of you use a windows operating system for your day to day work and entertainment needs. Its quite natural that we are familiar with all the features that you get bundled along with the operating system. But there are also some features that are still not being used and are ignored many of the times. I am going to list such features that may not used frequently and are of much use and helps to protect you and the data stored on the system. 

1) Windows Easy Transfer : One of the first things you might want to do is to transfer your files and settings from your old computer to the brand new computer. You can do this using an Easy Transfer Cable, CDs or DVDs, a USB flash drive, a network folder, or an external hard disk. 

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You can transfer almost everything from your old computer to the new one. User accounts, Files and Folders, Program Settings, Internet Settings and Favorites, E-mail settings, contacts and messages.

2) Windows Anytime Upgrade : This feature of Windows Operating System allows you to upgrade to any  higher windows version available for your system, so you can take  full advantage of enhanced digital entertainment and other features. 

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Windows anytime upgrade helps you compare features in each Windows edition and walks you through the upgrade process. (Windows 8 being the latest Operating system currently available for all the user worldwide). The upgrade will cost you as per the version being selected by you.

3) Windows Basics : If you are new to Windows or want to refresh your knowledge about areas such as security or working with digital pictures, this features will help you to get started. 

Here you can learn how to help keep your computer more secure, work with digital pictures, use the mouse and keyboard, work with files and programs, use email, connect to and explore the internet and many more. 

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A new user can even see video or animations, that will explain the working of the windows operating system and will show you step by step instructions in order to configure your pc according to your desires.

4) Searching and Organizing : Most folders in Windows have a search box in the upper- right corner. To find a file in a folder, type a part of the file name in the search box. 

You can also use this feature when you don't know where a files is actually located or when you want to do an advanced search. Since its will be an indexed searching the results will be very quick and very close to your search entries. 

5) Parental Controls : Parental Controls give you the means to decide when your children use the computer, which website they visit, and which games they are allowed to play. You can also get reports of your children's computer activity as well.

6) Ease of Access Center : Ease of Access Center is the place to find and change settings that can enhance how you hear, see and use your computer. You can adjust text size and the speed of your mouse. This is also where you can go to set up your screen reader and find other helpful tools.

7) Default Programs : This is a features of your Windows Operating System where you can adjust and set your default programs, associate a file type or a protocol with a program, change and set auto play settings, set program access and computer defaults. 

Very useful to configure our programs according to your wish and requirements.

8) Remote Desktop Connection : This features helps a user with a graphical user interface to another computer. It is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft specially for Windows Operating System. Basically by entering the IP address of the other computer you can directly see that computer's desktop right on to your desktop. 

Normally known as desktop sharing. Using this you can share files and data and even solve problem without having physical access to the other computer.

The list just goes through very common and a few features of Windows Operating System, but there are many other's which sum up features altogether.

Hope you liked the articles kindly comment with other features missed out on the article above.

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