Social Keyboard for Facebook- SNAK

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Facebook crazy people, here is a crazy gadget specially made for you to make Facebook experience more easy for you. You must check the new SNAK. The word SNAK means Social Network Access Keyboard. This is the same Keyboard that you have under your eyes now, but the only difference is that SNAK has 19 advanced keys for Facebook on either sides of the keyboard which included like button, privacy settings, etc. 

19 Social Network Hotkeys: Navigating your social network has never been easier! Simply touch each corresponding key and you will be automatically directed to your requested page!
Safe and Secure Connection: Once you sign out, the Hot Keys automatically become disabled. This is a safety measure taken to prevent other users from accessing your information.
Easy To Use Software: quick and easy software makes installation a SNAP.  Just in case you have any questions, all documentation will automatically pop up once installed!
Worry Free Guarantee: Contact our 24/7 Support Team or LIVE Chat on the left!


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