Smart phones killing PC’s: Is it true

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Article By : Alia Haley
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If we debate on mobile phone- a boon or a bane, majority of people would now say it is a boon contrary to the arguments made a couple of years ago, when mobile was a device to talk, talk and only talk. Things have changed a lot in the recent past, especially with the mobile phone. Mobile phone is no more a little fiber piece that helps each other to communicate. It now connects a group of individuals. Smartphones that replaced the traditional handsets offer much more than they promise. 
Today’s smartphones come with n number of applications that enable people to chat with a group of friends at a time besides help them email the important documents in real time. No wonder, mobile phones have grabbed the place of desktops, and may be replace laptops in near future.

Many top PC manufacturers are reportedly keeping an eagle eye on the smartphone industry given the fact that these smartphones have completely replaced the desktop computers. How many of today’s youth and adolescents are found spending their time on personal computers? Certainly, very few and most of them don’t find the need of the personal computer as the little device that they carry in the pocket meet their demands. To put it in a nutshell, it is a small all-in-one piece.

Equipped with android, digital camera, qwerty keyboard, wide LCD screen-an average smartphone would barely cost around 200 USD. Therefore, anyone has enough reasons to tilt towards smartphones. Secondly, one can now see the person talking on the other side with the help of 3G or 4G mobile phones. Having noticed the importance of mobile phones in people’s lives many international banks have come up with mobile banking feature. With this latest feature, one can manage and transfer funds online with the help of the mobile phone. In fact, a few banks also ask the customers to download the mobile banking application software to their smartphones. Even social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are offering special software to let people access to their sites with the help of their smartphones, and recruitment websites too are no exception. These developments clearly indicate that smartphones are killing the personal computers.

According to the techno experts and market analysts, the death of personal computers is very close. They are of the opinion that the smartphones, which have totally replaced the personal computers, are soon going to kill the PCs across the globe.

If something like that happens, then we may really lose the chance of teaching computer science to the school going kids. Though these smartphones are helping everyone in getting their online things done, they, however, cannot substitute the computers.

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