How To : Upload Mp3 Music Files onto Facebook and Share on It

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MP3 file contains audio content, such as oral presentations or music, that you can share on an Internet site to enhance your display. But Facebook does not allow the user to upload a music file to Facebook like you can pictures and videos. Sharing audio files requires the extra step of placing the file within a file hosting service and then sharing the link that the file hosting service creates.

Basically, you upload the file, copy the music link, and then share that link on Facebook.

Please not that not all of file hosting services work with facebook. We use a service called as CloudApp [] which is a free service where you can register with your email ID within seconds and get started. Once you are logged into your ‘My CloudApp’ account, you will find different options to use.

Use the following steps to upload mp3 and share it onto the facebook.

  1. Upload your mp3 file to a file hosting service.
  2. Copy the direct link to that file. If you are not sure which one is the link, just hit the download button to get the link. Here are several ways to copy the link:
  3. Get link with download manager: copy the URL.
  4. Share by logging into your Facebook account and click on Link button.
  5. Paste your copied URL in the URL field in hit Attach.
  6. Fill in the song’s information (its name, artist, album) and hit Share.
Your music file is ready to be played on Facebook


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