How To : Install Ubuntu 11.04 via USB

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When it comes to install Ubuntu we have got options to install it on our system with numerous techniques like USB, CD - Rom, DVD - Rom, External Hard Disk, ISO and many more. But most commonly used one's are using the USB and CD - Rom. This article will show you how to install Ubuntu Operating System on your desktop using a USB Stick. Installing the entire setup on the USB is very simple and can be done within few minutes and the installation time to the system will be be speed up by 20 percent as their is no physical ROM to access. 

This is what you have to do :

1. First of all get a USB Stick (4 GB Recommended)[Fat16/Fat32 Mandatory], ISO Image of the Ubuntu 11.04 Disk, and Universal USB Installer Setup.

2. Install the Universal USB Installer to your regular system. If you don't have a copy Download it here. 

3. After Installing the Universal USB Installer to your system, Simply choose a Linux distribution, iso file, and flash drive or the USB and click install. (See Screen shots for reference)

4. After the installation on to the USB is done. Just boot your system via USB and install as normally.

Things to be noted :
1. You should download the latest version of Universal USB Installer. In this case the link is the one available currently.
2. Windows XP/Vista/7 is required to make a bootable USB.
3. FAT32 Formatted USB  Drive.
4. Your Linux ISO Image.

Hope you are clear on what to do, in case you still stuck up to any level. Do let us know via comments. We will surely help you out asap.


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