Enable Facebook Timeline : Get your Profile a New Look

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I was quite amazed on the fact that Facebook will be getting its new look after September 29th, 2011. The New look is known as the "Timeline". We heard about the plans, but were not sure when we will be to able to make its preview on our desktop. There are some techniques to get this look early as a developer. The steps are not that straight forward, but this tutorial will definitely help you to make that as easy as possible. We have made all possible efforts to make this tutorial with screenshots.

If you are too eager to know what basically Facebook Timeline is all about. Directly Head Towards The Facebook Blog. Here you would come to know what is Timeline, how it work, features, advantages and many more. In Short Facebook Timeline is a Online Book that will tell your story to people.

Here's How to Get yourself a early Facebook Timeline Look :

1. Log on to your Facebook Profile. On the Search Bar type "Developer" and select the first search entry.

Step 2. This will invoke the Developer Page, Where you have to select "Create New App"

Step 3. After you click on create a new app. you will get a windows that will ask you for App Display name and App Name Space. Fill as desired.

Step 4. After filling as desired, click on continue. You will have to enter a Captcha

Step 5. This will take you to the developer's Page, where you can see all the details of the app you just created. 

Step 6. If you are left filling any important fields, fill them right now and click on saves changes at the bottom.

Step 7. After you are done saving the changes. Just head towards, Open Graph and click on it. 

Step 8. On the Open Graph Page, Fill as desired and click on get started. After doing so, return to your profile page and you will see Get it now button for your timeline look. Just click on get started and you are done enabling the timeline look on your Facebook profile. 

Here's what your profile will look like after you hit Get Started.

Points to Note : 

1) This look will automatically gets disabled after you log onto other machines.
2) If you are not a developer, don't try this - Security will be at stake.
3) This look will get activated on all the existing profile after 29th September 2011.

So try it on your risk  or else wait for the date to be 29th. Leave your comments in case you have doubts.


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