Directly Download Torrent Files using your Download Manager


Have you ever imagined or even thought of downloading heavy data files from torrent sites without using torrent clients like utorrent, bit torrent, bit lord, vuze etc. I guess the answer may be a big NO. Even i got surprised when i saw my friend downloading heavy files from torrent sites using his download manager (IDM). Just wonder on a speed 64kbps you can download a 700 mb file using a torrent client in approx 4 hours provided the torrent is having good amount of seeds. But when you download the same file using IDM(Internet Download Manager) or DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) you cab skip the seeding part and can download the file in 2 hours with 64kbps. If the bandwidth is high you can even download the files in a hour or so.

Advantages of Direct Downloading 

1) Major advantage is of avoiding torrent cleints. No need to install them.

2) At places where torrent clients cannot be used this method proves more advantageous and saves time.

3) Even if the torrent files contains less number of seed, you don't have to worry at all. It won't bother that speed at all.

4) You can use this method anywhere to download files from torrent sites.

The Procedure is simple and easy to remember also. The Steps involved are as follows :

1) Download the torrent files as you earlier did to use it with the torrent clients.

2) Log on to and click on choose a file and now browse the torrent files you already downloaded and click on cache.

This will create a link of the cached torrent files. Save the link.

3) In the nest step you have to again log on to Signup for a free user account and log on to your profile.

Note : has discontinued its services and is no longer available.

Latest Update 1 - Since we no has discontinued its service and is no longer available. But after searching the web we found another substitute for the same that works exactly as torrific did.

Visit and paste the download link or upload the torrent file.

4) Now paste the copied link that we genrated in the step 2 on this web page and click on get.

Torrific will download the torrent and add it to the processing queue. You will be notified once the entire procedure is done. It hardly takes a minute or so.Once this is done you will be provided with direct download links, just double click on them and your download manager installed will automatically take all the downloads  from here. Very easy and saves a lot of time that usually took while we using a torrent clients.
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Updated : If you feel the above steps a little confusing and long you can even use this Website Here for a easy  way to download files directly from torrent sites. Still the above mentioned steps are the best and used worldwide.


  1. thank you. this is very easy method & I become a very happy. thank you.

  2. You can also use methods described in

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  5. zbigz is working fine....check again

  6. Does it upload also as it downloads? I already got 1 copyright infringement email from comcast because I uploaded to a snitch

  7. since zbigz is can try any of these... [Recommended]2.Furk.net3.Quick Torrent[ ]

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