Get Free 2000 Backlinks in Half Hour


Today i am going to tell you How to get free 2000 backlinks from page rank 7 sites in less than 30 minutes.

This trick is genuine and 100% working. This is a good way for getting free backlinks. It also helps your newly purchased domain name directly indexed by google search, making your site get quality backlinks without penalty . More importantly it will increase serp in google and give organic traffic from search engines.

Why is this method superior than other ???

1.Keyword here is automation.

This is the purpose of core method BLACKHAT. Many of us just waste time by pinging to sites like pingler, Pingomatic or social bookmarking, etc. with zero results. Well, the solution offered is 100x better because most of Social bookmarking sites do not provide the value that you need SEO in Google Page. In other words, when typing in the Google YOURDOMAIN.COM, how many of those social bookmarking sites that we see?
How to get this free 2000 backlink ??

1. Go to

2. Type your complete website name in the domain box.

3. Click in the NEW BROWSER option.

4. Again click on Random order .

5. Choose maximum Popups as 25 popups.

6. Choose All in Max URLsoption.

SEO-Get Free 2000 Backlinks in less than 30 minutes
SEO- to Get Free 2000 Backlinks in half Hour

Now, after click on start, a group of the browser will open and the contacts rank 1 large sites such as “ /”. By clicking the popup 25, it means that 25 sites will be contacted, and 15 seconds later – 100% automatically – open a browser popup will close, and then open the other 25 sites.

7.Now  leave your computer running for an hour and let the script run on autopilot.

Keep in mind this is a Tier 1 backlink from google, where backlink2 of this site will be considered as the most quality backlink by google.

But overall, this is a very powerful service that can improve your SEO Rankings. This is far more powerful than ping because ping does not provide PR6 + backlinks to your site.

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  2. Yes, its is possible...Internet is full of backlinks and they are a useful tools to increase the traffic altogether.....